This Causes Bloody Anal and How to Overcome it

Bloody anal can make the sufferer feel scared. This condition is usually only realized when seeing feces that contain blood, or when there are bloodstains that stick to the tissues, pants, and toilet after defecation. Blood that appears in the bloody anus is usually bright red, but sometimes it can also be darker red, depending on the underlying cause. Various Causes of Bleeding Anus Bloody anus does not always indicate a serious problem and often can still be treated at home. However, that does not mean this condition can be taken lightly. Therefore, it is important to do a doctor's examination if bleeding from the anus occurs continuously or accompanied by other symptoms. In general, anal bleeding can be caused by several conditions, such as: Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids or medically known as hemorrhoids, occur when blood vessels around the anus or rectum dilate. In addition to bleeding anus, this condition can also be characterized by pain, itching, and swelling around t
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